Welcome to Global Sports Recruitment (GSR) and your first step on a potential journey towards securing a soccer scholarship at a university in the United States of America.

At GSR, we have a proud and growing heritage of securing scholarships for student-athletes since 2016 and helping them fulfil their ambition of playing collegiate soccer at a range of universities across the USA.

You’ve taken the bold first step of looking us up and we are here to provide the information and support you need to take the next step on your journey towards securing an American soccer scholarship by attending one of our Soccer Assessment & Presentation Days.

Football Scholarships: An Introduction

Collegiate soccer has been a career launch pad for many household names in the USA; indeed, players like Carlos Bocanegra, Maurice Edu and Clint Dempsey – all of whom came through the collegiate system – have not only represented the USA at international level but have also made themselves household names overseas by enjoying successful careers at top British clubs.

Of course, we are dedicated to helping our clients pursue their dream of developing their future career by securing the right scholarship for them, but a soccer scholarship offers so much more than just the opportunity of fulfilling your on-field ambitions. In addition to developing and playing football in a highly competitive environment and representing your university in competition, you will also study to achieve academic qualifications recognised across the world.

College soccer in the USA has a rich and diverse history. Teams that participate in the college soccer leagues play a variety of conference and nonconference matches during the fall season, with the season culminating in the final tournament – the College Cup.

Following collegiate careers, top male players are often drafted into Major League Soccer (USA), United Soccer League (USA) or signed to clubs in other professional leagues across the world.

Similarly, the top female players are often drafted into the National Women’s Soccer League (USA) or signed to other international leagues including across the globe.

What level do I need to be at?

At GSR, we’ve been helping potential soccer stars of the future gain scholarships at American universities for three years now, although our founders and consultants have accrued many more years of experience in this field prior to GSR being established.

Our consultants will take the time to guide you through the application process, in addition to fully explaining the academic and physical testing applicants are required to undertake.

To maximise the number and quality of scholarships offered, it vital that applicants continue to practice and develop their football skills in tandem with performing well in the academic tests and exams. University coaches will evaluate athletes on their soccer capability, physical attributes and academic quality to assess their potential within their university or college programmes.

Through the training methods used by university and college coaches, they are able to develop the attributes, skills and performances of even moderately good athletes.

With the help of GSR university and college recruitment coaches will look at athletes’ videos and performances and consult us regarding their ability, which will be thoroughly examined at our Soccer Assessment & Presentation Days.

There are two types of scholarship that a prospective student-athlete can receive: a ‘full soccer scholarship’ or a ‘partial soccer scholarship’.

Competition for sports scholarship money is extremely competitive with scholarships being offered to the best athletes.

Football Scholarships: Training Schedule

If you are successful in receiving a soccer scholarship, you will be expected to train with your team for up to 2-4 hours daily, five days a week. Training includes skill development drills and strength and conditioning exercises. For an international scholarship holder, training may feel strenuous and tough, particularly in the beginning, because of the physicality of the training and intensity of the conditioning, but you will acclimatise with the help and support of the coaching staff.

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After great success over the past three years, we are delighted to invite you to our annual Men and Women Soccer Showcase Events in Scotland.

All coaches on arrival will receive a brochure with each player test scores, contact details, playing background and access to academic transcripts, highlight footage to review on the day.  In addition, each game will be filmed live and made available to view online via the GSR YouTube page.