FIELD HOCKEY Scholarships

Field hockey scholarships are only offered to females and there are just over 270 women’s college field hockey programs in the USA with many offering scholarship opportunities to talented players who could have the ability to make a playing contribution to the team.

Life as a college hockey player is extremely challenging and will involve being fully committed as both a full-time athlete whilst simultaneously pursuing a degree as a full-time student. It is an environment that produces most of America’s professional and Olympic athletes.

Only well-rounded student-athletes get recruited for field hockey. Each program has different positional needs, College field hockey coaches are looking for players who have mastered the general skills needed to play the game. For field hockey players, this includes skills like passing, receiving, shooting, pressuring, attacking, and overall fitness. For goalkeepers, strengths should include body positioning, distributing, covering, and being able to organize the team on the field. While knowing these skills is something that all field hockey players should know to receive a scholarship in the USA.

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