GSR offers a premium service that takes care of you starting today, during your entire promotion, until you arrive at college/university in the US. Our expert staff will comprehensively support you as you grow, all the way to achieving your dreams.

Pre-qualification athletic eligibility

Global Sports Recruitment evaluate each individual’s athletic ability to match college/university criteria. There are many different levels of competition in USA, and GSR will place you at an institution which will propel you to the level.


Professionally captured sports footage for university coaches is an essential in gaining a successful outcome for our student-athletes. Our media staff are not just digital media professionals, they’re also passionate about being creative, dedicated to sport and committed to producing the best results for you.

SAT registration and preparation

The SAT Exam measures a student’s readiness for university and provides college/universities with one common data point that can be used to compare all applicants. . The SAT Exam result in the college application process varies from institution to institution. The higher your SAT Exam result, the more options for college/university will be available for you.


Global Sports Recruitment work with our athletes to create a tailored road map for finding and gaining acceptance to the college/university that best fits their goals and needs. The marketing and promotion of our athletes to institutions in USA of the proper eligibility criteria is key to finding them success academically and athletically.

Grade Point Average analysis

Global Sports Recruitment will grade evaluate each individual client’s academic stature, making it easier for admissions officers to understand your degrees, courses and grades in US terms.


International student-athletes who want to attend an American college or university need to obtain an F-1 student visa before they leave for the United States. Global Sports Recruitment will Assist and guide you throughout the student visa process.