Currently, Global Sports Recruitment (GSR) has postponed their soccer trials at venues across the country due to the ongoing corona-virus pandemic for the safety of the players and we will be back in action when this unfortunate scenario is over.

However, the show must go on, and for this time Global Sports Recruitment (GSR) will be conducting Online Soccer Trials. Video footage is key for College Coaches in the USA, and now video footage will be key for Global Sports Recruitment (GSR).

Candidates will be given two options, which will allow Global Sports Recruitment (GSR) staff to ass your ability and inform you if you qualify for the next stage of the process, an interview. THE GSR CV MUST BE COMPLETE ALONG WITH FOOTAGE!

Option 1

(Please film/record drills where it asks)

— 30 Meter Dash / Timed run, your fastest time over 30 meters.

— 1 Mile Run / Timed run informing us of your time over 1 mile.

— Push-up Challenge / How many push-ups can be performed without stopping. (Must be recorded)

— 30 Keep Ups / Keep the ball up 30 times without the ball hitting the ground. (Must be recorded)

— 15 Shots at Goal / Strikes at goal must be outside the 18-yard box. Free-kicks, touch and hit. Hit the target!! (Must be recorded)

— Close Control / Place 10 markers, 2 yards apart, dribble in an out the markers and show us your close control using both feet. Complete 5 times. (Must be recorded)


Option 2

If you have video clips, or game footage of you playing, please email this to us for Global Sports Recruitment (GSR) Staff to view. (If it is game footage, please inform us of the strip colour, number and position)


What Next?

Once our qualified staff have reviewed your times, viewed your video footage & CV, a member of the team will be in touch to inform you if you have been successful or unsuccessful.

If your application is successful, you will be invited to an official interview with a Global Sports Recruitment (GSR) staff member, which will be conducted via video call (Skype, Zoom, Facetime)