Alejandro Robles Ruiz – Southwestern Oregon College Swimming Scholarship

GSR Alumnus, Alejandro Ruiz took some time out of his busy schedule to answer some questions on how he found the GSR scholarship process and what he loves most about life in America.

Hello, my name is Alejandro. I am from Granada, Spain. I am currently attending SWOCC in Oregon. I have been swimming since I was 6 until now (I’m 19) and it’s a sport that I love.

GSR Experience

What made you choose GSR and are you glad you did?

My experience with GSR was really positive. I choose GSR as they professionally guide you through the whole process and provide college scholarship offers to consider.

How did you find the GSR process? (Working with staff, client games, showcase event, did you receive much college offers etc).

The process is great, you complete a player profile then receive scholarship offers & decide on the best college. I had a great relationship with GSR through the whole college process and thanks to Mr Courtney who did a fantastic job on explaining to me how everything works in the US & any doubts I could have.


How did you find leaving home to go to America?

It was a big step leaving friends and family however, I quickly settled in and met so many great new friends from France, Brazil, Australia and America.

How have you found balancing swimming, college and social life?

I adapted very well to the lifestyle of full-time swimming, college classes, and my social life. I enjoy the schedule of studying and training every day.

What has been your highlight of your time thus far?

My first year was amazing. Due to a strong first season, my coach has doubled my Scholarship for my second year. My first year has been a great success, I was runner-up and came third in Nationals. My family and I are very pleased.

What advice would you give young players back home who are considering a sports scholarship in America?

My only advice for people that are considering a sports scholarship is to make sure you truly desire this. I learned a lot in my first year and can’t wait for the next three years.
Thank you,